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our roots

Simplicity and going back to our roots. 
Our mission is to provide great coffee and plant based food, our ingredients are organic and fresh, our coffee is intense and rich.
The space is complete for, mind, body and spirit.

Every coffee is unique, just like your taste, but not all of them are the healthiest choices for your body. It’s important to know how to make that choice and we are more than happy to guide you on this matter and serve the most perfect, healthy, and tasty delicacies with  your coffee. 
All VilaVerde products are according to our beliefs and values - conscious healthy beverages and food.  
A VilaVerde we believe that you have the right to choose what is best for you. We offer a wide range of organic, fair-trade, plant based products.

Our coffee selection will giving you a unique experience, just the way you like it.  
Our mission is to provide our customers with a great experience that meets their personal needs and demands, while offering a wide choice of healthy and organic ingredients. We also intend to make a statement with our service, suggesting that people get involved and increase their awareness towards environmental and healthy living.  
Values: health, quality, fair-trade, plant based  food, awareness towards environment, sustainability and  wellness.