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It all started when…

I realized that we can live on this planet in a much better way. More sustainable, organic and especially cruelty free way of living. The way I see it we should protect and preserve nature and all living creatures.

We love art, music, food, coffee, tea and yoga. The step to create a space where we could share our passions became natural. Vilaverde is an art cafe where you will find delicious food, coffee and tea. We will have outdoor yoga practice during spring and summer : )

I believe by sharing our delicious food we can create awareness to a better lifestyle without lose the option to eat our favorite foods. Vegan is the way : )

I’m originally from Portugal where we have many influences as far as food naturally our menu is Mediterranean inspired and our coffee is fair trade.

As a surfer I travel as much as I can and in doing that I learn about everything, including cooking which I want to share with you.

Our location is in Buffalo NY, a beautiful city in the western New York state.